Finding best batting gloves

Batting gloves have recently become an important part of baseball. This is evident from the large number of pros putting them on who previously were not keen on using them when batting. There is enormous advantage of using a batting glove when playing and this important competitive advantage is what one needs when playing baseball. One of the advantages of using a batting glove when playing is that it enhances grip of the bat which ensures you hit properly and the bat does not slip. This is achieved by the leather material which is used in the construction of the gloves. It also protects the hand when batting. When playing baseball the hand is most prone to injury especially when a mistimed hit. The vibrations of the bat can also cause some pain in the hand thus it’s important to wear a glove because it takes some of the shock away. Another importance of wearing batting gloves is that it increases the grip which prevents the slip when hitting. A slight slip can cost the team a lot.

There are various aspects which are looked upon when choosing the best glove. This is both in construction of the glove and the material used. Leather is preferred because o the natural grip that it provides though it’s expensive that synthetic. Therefore a mixture of both is usually appropriate and you will see most design involving leather palm and synthetic being used for the other areas of the glove. A lightweight padding is also desired and the top part should preferably be made of mesh to increase breathability of the hand.  The thumb should also be articulate enough so as to prevent tear of when playing due to strain. Sizing is also an important aspect to consider when choosing the right one. It is better if one can fit the batting glove physically before buying as this will ensure it fits properly.

There are various brands which manufacture batting gloves. The major ones include Mizuno, Rawlings, Franklin, Jordan, Marucci and Easton. Some people choose the type of gloves depending on the brand trust while other consider what pros wear when playing.