ok so from interviews and things you post on twitter, i know you are are into fitness, health and maintaining a nice shape. what do you do for exercise aside from running? what's your routine?

well I start out with biking a mile,then I go on to do 40 pull downs for my back,from there I do 40 squats with the weights,then I move on to my ab stuff which is like 30 mins and from there I workout my legs and that’s it lol

what products do you use to keep your hair curly thought it the day?

mazani conditioner and Moroccan curl definer

is tumblr your favorite social network? just out of curiosity.

yea sort of,cause I see really cool places,people,and things on here

Doing bantu knots for the first time, did you wet your hair first or did you do yours dry?

I did mine dry

I love your curly hair ! Could you make a tutorial or tell me how you made it like that ? Omg your so perfect I love you 😍😍

actually I will

Your blog has good vibes girl!

thank you😊